TradLab LLC

Providing data driven Evaluations and fact based Testing of Archery Tackle and Methods.

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      In my free time I enjoy hunting and competing with Traditional Archery gear. My career is centered around Business Management and Continuous Improvement.  I am a Certified MBB, I have also earned an MBA from Purdue- Boiler Up!-  I have several years of experience working with investigative analytics. I use fundamental principles within the Industrial Sciences to drive improvement at work and in my free time to improve my gear selection and shot process.  


     I participated in my 1st major competition at the 2018 IBO Trad Worlds.  I learned more in those few days than I had learned over 15 years of backyard shooting and internet browsing.  At this shoot I was told that 95% of what I read online regarding shooting was wrong.  They were correct!   I experienced what it was like to shoot under pressure and realized I needed to change everything.


    This competition renewed my energy for shooting.   It was only natural for my passion for Traditional Archery and Continuous Improvement to interact with one another.  The bow testing and studies on this site are the end result.  

Bow Tests:

    Traditional tackle is not readily available for Archers to pick up and test locally.  My goal is to provide Archers with unbiased quality information that helps them make a well educated choice and pick a bow that fits their needs. I have chosen metrics associated with Ergonomics, Performance and Sound to highlight the compromises within each Bowyer design.  I have worked hard  to make sure my testing results are accurate and repeatable. If you see a error or flaw feel free to contact me, I will correct it. 



My goal is to continuously improving myself as an Archer, the Archery Community and our Sport.  The Trad Community  at its core is made up of selfless people that help one another.  I hope this  effort maintains that spirit and adds value.   


God Bless,


Cody Greenwood