•  9 GPP- 202 FPS

  •  10 GPP-191 FPS

  •  11 GPP-189 FPS

All Max 6 testing was done prior to refining the sound, speed and Draw force Curve testing. This was my 1st limb. 

Speed- Arrow weights were exact

Draw Force- Tested in the middle of the bolt

Sound- Target impact was in the same room as decibel meter. 

String used was 16 strand 8190 



  • Sound Level Meter +/- 1.4 dB accuracy

  • Fast time weighting used

  • Indoor setting 20 ft ceiling

  • Shot off fingers

  • Measurements taken using 10 GPP arrows

1. 10 ft from bow 3ft off the ground= 82dBa

  • The human ear can detect a 3 DB change

  • Normal Conversation is about 60DB

  • A lawnmower running is about 90db

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