Time of Podcast we are discussing this topic


  • We perceive sound louder when we feel vibration when we hear a sound

  •  When not shooting a bow and just listening to it being shot we can not determine the difference between string silencers

  • Mass mitigates sound on the string or in the arrow. 

  • Synthetic Silencers out perform natural fur. 

  • When tested wet fur in some cases is actually louder

  • Dacron vs Fast Flight is simply mass. Having said that some bows do sound better with Dacron

    •  Theory- Bows with bad tiller prefer dacron

  • Move the Mass out of the string and silencers and place it in your arrow. You can sound advantage and penetration

  • Synthetic Silencers that are lightweight are the top choice

  •  Widow Silencers, Dynapuffs available at 3 Rivers or Cat whiskers are the top choice

  • Placement- Place at 1/3 and 1/4 of the string for heterodyne effect.   

Pursuing the truth 

       I will be using common testing practices found in the Industrial Sciences. Measurement System Evaluations, Designed Experiments, Sampling Plans and Regression. I record every detail of testing and maintain copious notes.   The investigations are meant to challenge our current beliefs by validating or invalidating our theories.    




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